Conditions of Access

  • – New customers who register for the first time at the campsite to stay must present the card or naturist card issued by the national or international naturist associations or federations that are recognised and approved by Camping Almanat.
  • – Guests who wish to enjoy a stay at the campsite on an individual basis will be required to present a sealed and updated Naturist Card issued by one of the associations or federations approved by the Campsite.
  • – If you are not in possession of this Naturist Card please ask in reception to see if there is another possibility or condition of access when registering your first stay at the Campsite.
  • – Moreover, the requirement of the card or naturist card can be replaced in exceptional cases (e.g. families) with a naturist declaration signed by guests in reception. The exception is offered to new guests as this is a campsite specifically dedicated to families.
  • Conditions of Payment

  • – The only official means of payment in the Campsite is Cash, no other type of existing payment is accepted; cards, cheques …
  • – Camping Almanat only admits this cash payment system, not accepting charges through POS, banks …, and therefore it provides a good strategy in its pricing policy. These benefits have been possible due to the current policy on camping fees of not accepting any kind of existing cards for payments directly in reception, nor bank cheques nor other types of cheques. This advantage of cash payment means good prices, which ultimately is the most interesting thing for the majority of guests.
  • – For the booking confirmation you must make a down payment depending on the type of booking that the campsite will tell you about. The down payment can be in cash and, exceptionally for this down payment, you can use a bank transfer and even if the client is interested in the method of payment via POS White (i.e, providing the card details to the Campsite and the Campsite manages the payment by the guest through the Internet). This exception to the payment method is only valid for the down payment; all other payments will be made in cash regardless of the first payment method.

Booking Conditions

– To make a booking please contact reception either through our website, the online booking system, by e-mail, by phone or directly, and you will be attended during Reception times.

– If you are new guests or if it is the first time that you check into Camping Almanat, please get information about Campsite conditions of access before booking.

Some of the most important conditions are below (for more details please ask for information in Reception):

– To confirm a plot Booking you must make a down payment of part of the total booking. Please ask in Reception about it because it is variable according to low / med and high season.

– In the Low and Mid seasons short stay bookings may initially choose a number at the time of booking, but it is never 100% assured that this number can be kept under booking, given that the short-stay plot numbers can be changed and have to be changed because of Campsite management needs or arrivals to the Campsite by other guests who want the same number and especially if it is for a long stay booking.

– Long stay bookings are respected in the Campsite as long as the campsite does not have a serious or extraordinary need to modify the number or booking. The campsite management can always make use of modifications and changes in bookings whenever deemed appropriate for management reasons.

– In the High Season (15.06 to 14.09) Type A plots are possible to book, but never give the right to a specific number when booking, the number and specific location of the plot can be chosen on the date of entering the Campsite.

– In the High Season (15.06 to 14.09) Type B plots cannot be booked, it is only possible to access them if you find one free on the day of arrival.

– To confirm a bungalow booking you must make a down payment of 50% of the cost of your booking before 24 hours after you make a pre-booking (if not, the campsite can automatically cancel the pre-booking) and 50% of the cost must be paid in Cash on arrival at the Campsite when you check in.

– The Bungalow numbers, names or location cannot be booked in advance. You can ensure a bungalow booking for your stay on the contracted date. What you can do is suggest some requirements at the time of booking and therefore we will be able to take them into account when you arrive and allocate your bungalow, if possible and if no other Campsite management issue prevents it.