the Camping Almanat will start taking new entries and the Restaurant is going to open 

From the 18.06.2020 ,

the Camping Almanat will start taking new entries to accommodations on Plots and in Bungalow.

We are preparing and finishing the conditions for stays, protocols for norms and measures towards COVID-19 and we will inform about opening or not opening the communal areas, capacity, etc.

To those who have confirmed bookings but pending to be finalized with this information and document, you will get send an email as soon as possible with the document with this information, if it doesn’t arrive or you don’t receive it, get in touch with the camping before you start heading towards the camping, because this is an important document that you must have knowledge about and it is necessary that you sign it giving your compliance to this new modality of stay and enjoying the camping, to be able to make the register for the entry/check-in. Without this document the booking is not considered to be finalized.

We hope that all the efforts and prudence on behalf of the camping and the people that are users of the camping, the compliance to the norms, measures and recommendations, in the middle of such a natural environment and paradise like Almanat is, is sufficient to be able to get the necessary satisfaction from our clients in this new COVID-19 situation.

Thank you for choosing us and we hope to see you again here in Almanat.