To make this document we have taken in account the guidelines given by the Governments Ministry of Health as well as the Institute for Spanish Touristic Quality (ICTE).

The Camping Almanat has made this document with conditions and norms for the stay, that has to be read and signed by the person who is the bookings holder before making the register for the entry, otherwise we won’t be able to proceed with the protocol of the entry register, even if the booking is confirmed.

Signing this document you confirm that you know and accept its content, without anything to claim or compensations to receive due to these conditions that the camping exposes in this new situation given by the COVID-19. Also with your signature you accept compliance, for the security norms collected in this document, to be applied by all the people registered in the holders stay.

Also, we inform you that the camping has a general contingency plan and the protocol of each department with prevention measures, continuously in constant application and revision.

Measures for security and basic hygiene  given by all the guidelines.

  1. Wash your hands or use of hydroalcoholic gel and especially before and after touching communal surfaces or communal use facilities.
  2. Maintain the security distance established by the Government
  3. In case that this security distance in between people can’t be guaranteed, you will have to make use of masks, as well if any of the facilities need this when entering.


  1. In plot accommodations, the allowed capacity is 4 people and maximum 6 people if from one same family, only on orange plots the maximum is 2 people and 4 if from one same family.
  2. In bungalow accommodations, the allowed capacity is limited by the maximum of people that can be registered in the bungalows, which means, 4 people in all bungalow categories and 5 people if the category is bungalow plus.

Visits are not allowed, only register of people who stay overnight


  • There will be no borrowing of material for the communal areas, you must use your own materials or inform yourself in reception if there is a possibility of buying material in reception.
  • The camping’s facilities and communal areas are only for the use of people that are registered and accommodated in the camping.
  • In each zone there will be an indicated capacity and timetables if established.
  • In case of not being able to use some communal area due to capacity, please let reception know so that they activate the protocol for times of use of the area.
  • The facilities and communal areas will be disinfected daily
  1. Not opened facilities, until further notice:
  • Gym.
  • Toilettes, next to indoor swimmingpool.
  1. Facilities and communal areas that are again opened:
  • Drinking water fountains, kids playground, petanque, basketball, football pitch, laundry (if any of these have capacity or timetables you will see at the entrance)
  • Table tennis: with reservation, in reception you will be informed about the conditions.
  • Minigolf: Kids in presence of adults
  • Biohealthy machines: Authorized only adults. Please pass reception to receive disinfection materials so you can disinfect them after using them.
  • Barbecues: Must be reserved beforehand in reception. You will be informed about conditions for use, maximum using time and cleaning conditions. All materials must be provided by the people who will use the barbecue facility, like grills, etc.
  • Solarium/beach club: will open again on the 15.09.2020, if possible.
  • Toilettes, showers and WC´s, for people with disabilities: open only the module in the center with showers, WC´s, sinks. Capacity of one person on the inside, unless this person needs assistance because of disability.
  • Central shower, WC and sink module: security distance in between people will have to be kept and only individual use of showers, toilettes… unless it is a minor or help is needed by any chance. At the entrance of each area of lavatories there will be hidroalcoholic gels at your disposal.
  • Grass solarium: limited capacity in the facility, again opened for people that are registered and accommodated in the camping, always respecting security distances. It is not allowed to reserve a place or leave place occupied for more than 15 minutes without presence. It is not allowed to take food here, nor glass, etc.
  • Restaurant, cafeteria and supermarket: the company that rents and is in charge of this facility has its own protocols and measures.
  • Pet wash: new facility: tokens can be bought in reception.
  • Station for discharging grey waters of mobilehomes: new facility.


To avoid crowds or waiting times for matters that can be resolved over phone:

            Landline number: 952 55 64 62 and mobile phone number: 610 48 26 15

Direct number for the night concierge from 23:59 until 08:00: 609 42 57 78

  1. Daily and constant disinfection in reception
  2. Following recommendations concerning paperwork, prices and minimizing handed out documents, we have proceeded to digitalize as much as possible in our existing means all documentation like proformas , bills, deposits, information…, sending the documentation via email, to reduce the use of paper as an environmental measure and reduction of contagion risk.
  3. We have installed a digital signing device for the check-in register and check-out managing, which will be continuously disinfected.
  4. Club Almanat members, can use the email address authorized in their membership, for more commodity.
  5. The camping has an Android APP for free download at your disposal.


  1. Minimal security distance given by the experts of the health department and mandatory by the BOE has to be maintained.
  2. In case of not being able to maintain the security distance, use of masks is mandatory.
  3. Continuous disinfection with gels or cleaning hand with soap and water
  4. Disposal of any personal hygiene materials, especially tissues, wet wipes, etc., in rubbish bins or containers. Please do not through on floors or outside of bins, neither in WC´s.
  5. We recommend use of shoes appropriate for showers.
  6. In the toilet blocks, for the use of toilets, sinks, showers, lavatories…, please wait for your turn maintaining security distance and don’t stay inside while their occupied and the capacity is full. If due to completed capacity the wait is long, please cue up at the outside of the toilet block or toilet, letting the workers know about this so they can organize and activate the capacity protocol and usage time of this facility, so there can be a general use for all users.
  7. The facilities or communal areas will continue to evolve and the use will be revised, capacity, etc., changing if needed the policy and protocol of use.


First of all we thank you because in these complicated months you, us and the Camping, you have been there with your support by phone, social networks…, we appreciate all these received messages, just like the understanding in these moments again.

We inform you that the camping has a contingency plan where we collect all these measures and norms here mentioned the measures and guidelines taken by each department of the camping and each and every worker, to take action with clear protocols in the face of contagion by the virus.

Appendant 1, about the protocol in case of having symptoms compatible with COVID-19:

Every user of the camping , and all workers have the responsibility and the duty to communicate to the camping if at any time anyone feels symptoms compatible with COVID-19

  1. The camping will activate if needed the protocol for handing over masks, disinfectant gels and proceed with the isolation until the corresponding health agency indicates how to proceed with the given briefing and evaluation of the competent agency for these cases.
  2. In case of having to wait in your accommodation, the needed protocols will be activated that are collected in the contingency plan to cover your basic needs while you wait for recommendations and actions to follow.
  3. If it is needed and your stay is on a pitch it will be studied whether to move the accommodation to a less crowded area.
  4. The use of the communal areas will not be authorized until the corresponding agencies see fit to do so, habilitating if possible, some facility, for your basic needs in case of not being able to do so in your accommodation .
  5. Important notice: in case of presenting symptoms of contagion compatible with the virus on the day of your arrival or the moment of your check-in, we ask you for the health of every other user of the camping and workers to please not carry out your stay or check in at the campsite until you know these symptoms are not related to the virus contagion but other issues or illness.
  6. The camping Management can modify these measures if needed…., depending of the social evolution in face of the COVID-19 problem  or the situation or problematic that will be presenting because of internal cohabiting, being affected these norms and measures to be taken in favor of the cohabiting with more flexibility or against presenting more restrictions or closure of facilities, because a satisfactory stay worries us but as well as the health of you and our workers.