Dear client, for a better stay and coexistence in the Camping, it is necessary that you read these rules and recommendations, because they need to be known in order to act in case of emergency in our facilities or your accomodation and it will help you to have a stay and coexistence without any danger or risk.

So for that, it is really important that you read carefully this document:

  1. See the nearest fire extinguishers once located into your pitch or Bungalow.
  2. See the signs of Emergency Exit. Please, take a look on the direction of the signs placed in the paths that go to Reception – Entertainment Area, Meeting Point.
  3. There are two official gates of Emergency Exit in the Camping.
    • The first one is the main entrance and exit of vehicles next to Reception.
    • The second gate is the one that gives access to the 400s pitches to the left.
      • You can access to 400s pitches through the passage between pitches 212 and 316.
  1. The Meeting Point is placed in the children – barbecue area, in case of begin with the evacuation of the camping’s clients because of a risky reason, please go to the meeting point to get more information and to proceed to the count of all the pleople already registered in the camping.
  2. If you are at the Restaurant, the Meeting Point according to the evacuation policy is the beach area, next to the Restaurant and the sunbeds that use to be set up in summer. You must stay there until further news from the camping.
  3. The Camping has an evacuation siren, in case you hear it, please contact the camping staff in order to know the nature of the risk or go to one of the two Emergency gates and Meeting point or to Reception where you will receive the right information.
  4. In case of fire or serious issue, please inform to the camping staff, keep calm all the time and proceed to the evacuation of the affected area as soon as possible. In case of necessity and no presence of the camping staff please make the best use of the nearest fire extinguisher (if you have never used one fire extinguisher, please do not to use it to avoid personal damages and look for someone who knows how to use it or look for the staff), subsequently informing at Reception or the camping staff to replace the fire extinguisher as soon as possible.
  5. If there is a fire with a lot of smoke use a wet towel for covering your nose and mouth, please do not take time in picking up your belongings and do not stay near the affected area. Go to the meeting point or Reception for futher information. Order and calm are good advicers in these cases in order to act quickly.
  6. In case of evacuation of the camping, stay calm and do not use vehicules unles the contrary is indicated, please support the needed people and people with reduced mobility and follow the camping staff indications, going to the nearest Emergency Exit, also marked in the map of the Camping.
  7. Emergency telephone number: 112 General Emergencies (with translators service)
    • This number 112, can be used in case you need the police, firefighters, ambulance service, and they even have a service with translators in case you need it.
    • Reception contact telephone numbers:

+34 952 55 64 62 (Reception) — +34 610 48 26 15 (Movil Camping) –+34 609 42 57 78 (night concierge)


Prevention and security measures for your security, in order to avoind risks and damages:

  1. Do not make fire at your pitch or common areas and do not use firewood in barbecues.
  2. Moreover, we recommend you not to smoke inside tents or in beds inside of the caravans, etc., to avoid any risk of fire, we please ask you to put out your cigarretes apropriately and leave them on a safe container.
  3. Your electric installation must be in a good and optimal condition for its use, we recommend you to check regularlly your installation to avoid any accident. The camping use to make regularlly checkings and inspections with external companies in our electric facilities so they cannot involve any damage to our clients.
  4. We ask you for caution with propan, butane and other gases bottles.
  5. It is not allowed to work or manipulate in a dangerous way gases at your accomodation, pitch. Your gas intallation must be properly checked by whom it may concern. Moreover, at the end of the use of the gas bottle, to avoid leaks, be sure you have correctly closed the gas.
  6. The use of fire in candles, torchs, or in other staff, is not allowed because of its riskiness. You can only use candles which are not dangerous as the electric ones, or led solar candles and torchs which do not involve any risk to your belongings or third parts. The fire is dangerous no matter how small.
  7. The extension cables that are normally rolled up, should be completely unrolled to avoid a warming in reel concept, so in that way this could avoid to have the cable into fire or any other damages.

For your security and for the security of all the clients, if you see any suspiccious or alarming issue, if someone enters the camping improperly or if you need help during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact the Reception. For that, you can phone some of the camping telephones with out need of leaving your accomodation. Even during the night, there is also a direct number to call the night concierge in case you need to contact the camping staff so you do not have to leave your accomodation.

Camping users will be considered as the direct responsibles in case they make or cause any accident. Even families that are staying with children, parents, tutors or responsibles of their chek in in the camping are the responsibles of  the actions, breakings or damages that they could cause. We remind you that if your accomodation is,: caravan, tent…and a fire or explosion happens as a consequence of the already indicated above in this document, for a bad use of the equipment of the accomodation or for not having in a good condition your belongings or installations, you should know that it is your responsability and even if a third part results damaged, you will have to pay for the caused damages (so we remind you the importance of verifying your installations and accomodations and we even advice you to have a private insurance with these coverages) an example could be when a vehicle damages another vehicle or some belongings inside the camping, the private insurance of the vehicle is the one that will have to pay for the accident. In summary, who cause a damage or breaking will have to pay for it as the responsible.

Emergency telephone: 112 (with translators service)

    • This number 112, can be used in case you need the police, firefighters, ambulance service and they even have a service with translators in case you need it.
    • At Reception, there is a mobile phone for calling emergencies freely.
    • In case that an accident happens to someone and you need to call to emergencies, you have to contact them from the site of the accident, because they will make you some questions in order to manage in an accurate way the intervention. They could even give you orders to carry out by telephone as in case of heart attack or breathless.

+34 952 55 64 62 (Reception) — +34 610 48 26 15 (Movil Camping) –+34 609 42 57 78 (night concierge)