Bungalow reservation/stay conditions

1.     Important notice about Camping Almanat access conditions

  • The Camping Almanat is a 4 stars beach camping and Naturist speciality in all its accommodations and facilities. Thus, before making a booking or come to the camping for staying, you must ask for information concerning the mandatory conditions for the access to the Camping.
  • You can see the Camping Almanat mandatory access conditions document which is available in our web site and at the camping Reception.
  • The Camping Almanat is exempted from any responsibility under the lack of knowledge of the access rules or under the lack of information by the interested party or user who wishes to enter the camping.

2. Regarding the seasons and minimum stay in Bungalow

  • The seasons of Bungalow accommodations are: low, mid and high.
  • The season dates are actualized every year. Please check our web site or Reception for further information.
  • The minimum booking stay is changeable depending on the season of the stay.
  • There can be changes regarding the minimum stay within the same season, especially in high season.

3. Regarding the reservations

  • The client must give the details of a mobile telephone contact number and/or an email for later Camping or booking arrangements.
  • The reservations will be done choosing the type of Bungalow offered by the Camping.
    • Available typologies are: Standard, Plus, Superior, Confort and Costa Confort.
    • No types of Bungalows are adapted for people with reduced mobility, in a wheelchair or similar. For other cases, please, ask at Reception before making the reservation. The camping is exempted of any responsibility in non-queried cases even if the booking has been previously confirmed.
    • Check our web site or ask at Reception for further information concerning the Bungalow’s characteristics and the location in the Camping.
  • At the reservation of a Bungalow it will be only possible to choose the typology, being impossible to choose the number, name, or Bungalow location.
    • If you request any special preference, we will have it into account for the final assignment always if possible upon availability.
  • The client is totally and exclusively responsible of making the right declaration concerning the number of people who will occupy the Bungalow at the time of the reservation and check in (without omitting children no matter the age).
    • In case of finding non-declared and non-registered people in the Bungalow, we will proceed with the eviction, at first place, of the non-registered people in the Bungalow, and subsequently there will be a study on the responsibility of who has carried out the entry of non-registered people to the Camping and Bungalow. In case that the Direction considers it as a grave issue, clients will have to leave the Bungalow even if the stay is not totally ended, without possibility of claim or refund of what has been paid.
  • Children from 0 to 2 years old (inclusive) stay for free, from 3 years onwards they will start paying the person concept.
    • A document that confirms the age could be requested: family register, passport…
    • There is a possibility, depending upon availability, of hiring a cot (pre-paid) at the camping always with a previously confirmed booking by Reception.
    • The first vehicle is included in the Bungalow fees. You will be shown the parking place at Reception since it depends on the Bungalow you are staying. If you are coming with extra vehicles, you will pay the extra vehicle concept according to the official rate of the Camping, using the parking of the Camping as the parking place.

4. Bungalow’s entrance and departure conditions

  • On the day of arrival the bungalow will be officially available for you to enter from 16:00 h.
    • If the guest arrives at the Campsite beforehand, the booking formalities can be done in Reception whilst the bungalow is being prepared. After checking in and while waiting, you can use the facilities.
    • If the bungalow is ready before the official time, we will hand the keys over to the guest as soon as possible for your enjoyment.
    • On arrival the Campsite staff will carry out an inventory inside the bungalow just to make sure of the original condition.
    • The Camping reception is daily manned 24 hours a day by any Camping employee, by receptionists (from 08:30 h to 24:00 h) or by concierges. Therefore the check in of the client will be done before 23:00 hours the day of entrance. If the client is going to arrive later than 23:00 hours, he/she must obligatorily call in advance warning about the late arrival to Reception, after 23:00 hours. In case that the client does not call in advance to Reception and an incidence happens, the Camping will not take any responsibility under any incidence in the accommodation of the client who is having a booking for that night.
  • On the departure day, the bungalow should be vacated before 12am.
    • On the departure day the bungalow should be tidied, the dishes cleaned and the rubbish taken out and placed outside the Bungalow. Otherwise, this failure could block future bookings or stays in Bungalows or even the entrance to the Camping.
    • On the departure the Campsite staff will carry out an inventory of the bungalow just to make sure of the final condition.
    • The use of the parking included in the Bungalow fees comes to an end with the key handover after the leaving inventory. Thus, if you wish to park your car in the parking on the departure day, you must pay 3, 00€ so you can have the car parked up to 22:00 hours, meeting the same schedule as the beach parking.
  • On arrival and departure the Campsite staff will carry out an inventory of the Bungalow just to make sure there has not been any incidence or irregularity at the entrance and the departure, and checking that the tableware and furnishings are found in its entirely as well as in good condition.
    • A payment of 100€ could be requested at the arrival as a deposit. This deposit will be given back after the control inventory on the departure, always that everything is found in the same condition as on entering to the Bungalow.
    • In case of incidences the Management of the Camping will study the payments of them.
  • Afternoon Stay: please ask about this offer at Reception, about the price, times and the possibility of staying the afternoon in the same Bungalow or the option of staying the afternoon in a pitch on the departure day.
    • This offer depends always on the occupation and availability of the Camping.

5. Booking confirmation

  • The reservation of a Bungalow will be definitive and confirmed with the payment in advance, by bank transfer or cash, of minimum the 50% of the final cost.
    • The Camping, according to the tourism legislation can ask for the payment of the 100% at the moment of the reservation.
    • If the client wishes, he/she can send the payment of the 100% of the Bungalow invoice and save the formalities of a second payment in cash in the camping while checking in.
  • The Camping provides the clients with a limit of 24 hours starting from the day the booking is made, to receive the payment of the 50% of the total of the booking in order to validate and finish it, by bank transfer or directly at Reception with the payment by online POS system.
  • It is advisable, in order to avoid problems with Bank transfer times to our account, to send a Bank payment receipt by e-mail because, otherwise, if the pre-booking period of 24 hours lapses and there is no deposit received or any type of communication, the booking will be cancelled. Please note that a bank transfer may take up to 48 hours, that is why you must send the receipt by email once the transfer has been made or ask at Reception to have the deposit charged by the online POS system at the time of reservation.
  • The Camping informs the clients by email about the arrival of the payment; this is why clients must give us an email address for the confirmation and thus both parties, the client and the camping, make sure of the arrival of the payment and that the confirmation of the reservation is definitive and final.
  • We advise you to have in every moment of the check in, the email of the transfer receipt or the confirmation of the Camping in which is declared that the Camping has received the amount for the confirmation of the booking.
  • The bank details to send the advance payments is: Cajamar, Calle Antonio Márquez Robles, 4. Zip code: 29749 Almayate (Málaga- España)
IBAN + Account  number: ES03 3058 0794 3927 2001 0279    /      Holder: D.L. Torrealta S.L.
BIC/SWIFT: CCRIES2AXXX (the three << x >> are optional)
Send the bank receipt to [email protected]


  • Important: if clients do not make what has previously been indicated, the Management of the Camping does not take any responsibility under the problems or incidences that could take place because the improper application of the protocol regarding the means of payment or the cancellation of the booking.

6. Means of payment in the Camping

  • The payments in the Camping can be only made in cash.
  • At the time of the check in, the rest of the amount to pay for the total of the invoice will be paid in cash at Reception, taking into account the already amount paid at the time of the booking.

7. Cancellation Policy

  • If the cancellation is made within 30 days of your arrival depending on the day of arrival, you will be refunded with the 90% of your already paid deposit.
  • If the cancellation is made between 30 and 15 days (both included) before the arrival depending on the day of arrival, you will be refunded with the 50% of your already paid deposit.
  • If the cancellation is made between the last 15 and 0 days before arrival depending on the day of arrival, you will not be entitled to any refund.
  • Bank expenses or any other expenses that the cancellation may cause will be deducted from the amount to refund, the minimum fees for the cancellation process will be of 5,00€, regardless the cost that this bank process or another may imply.
  • The cancellation has to be made by the same person who reserved: face to face at Reception or by email.
  • Once the check-in to the Bungalow has been made, there will not be possibility to cancel the stay; neither the client will have the right to claim any money because of an early departure, even if this departure is caused by any extraordinary serious reason. In any case, ask at Reception about any benefit that clients may obtain because of loyalty reasons in case of having an early departure being member of Club Almanat.
  • For loyalty policy, our clients can opt to receive the 100% of the amount previously paid (minus management expenses if there are some) in a camping voucher document.
    • This voucher has an expiry date of 1 year.
    • The voucher is personal and non-transferrable so it cannot be used by a different person from the titular of this document.
    • Moreover, in case of lost, the camping will not take any responsibility under a new delivery of this document.
    • The delivery of this document by the client is mandatory for having the reduction of the amount of the voucher/bonus.

8. Maximum number of people allowed into a Bungalow

  • The maximum number of people allowed in the Bungalows will depend on the chosen type. This number will be:
    • For Standard, Superior, Confort and Costa Confort Bungalows: 4 people maximum.
    • For Superior Bungalows: 5 people maximum.

9. About pets

  • No bookings or entrance to the bungalows will be accepted if you bring animals, even if they are to be left outside the Bungalow or in a pitch.

10. Regarding the use of the Bungalow

  • No Barbecues are allowed in the Bungalow. Thus, there is an intended area for that in the leisure area. Please ask at Reception about the conditions.
  • Before receiving visits, you must ask at Reception about the check in as well as the naturist conditions, which have to be compulsorily met by all the clients for the access to the Camping and Bungalows according to what is already established in the access conditions. We remind you that the maximum number of people allowed in the Bungalow cannot be exceeded already counting the visitors. Please ask at Reception about the appropriate fees.
  • Regarding the furnishing, electrical devices and Bungalow house ware, you are not allowed to take them outside the Bungalow neither to lend them to other camping users.
  • Confort and Costa Confort type Bungalows, have a parasol in the private solarium at the top. This parasol has to be closed during the night as well as in windy days, in order to avoid breakings or accidents with the accommodations nearby. Otherwise, the client will be the responsible of the damages that this could cause or the equipment breakings.
  • Any deficiency, defect or breakage should be reported to Reception so the Campsite staff can take care of it as soon as possible. If the damage requires external workers or companies, we will do everything possible to fix it as soon as possible but please bear in mind that this means relying on third parties and sometimes the problem occurs at the weekend, which means it cannot be solved immediately. However, we will always look for alternatives that are within our scope and with no charge. Damages caused by guests will be assessed by the management to see whether they should be paid for or not.