Club Almanat

Club Almanat – Bungalows

In the Low and Mid seasons: 10% discount on Bungalows (not accumulative with other offers).


Club Almanat – Plots

From 6 Kw/Night (accumulative):
Price of Kw consumed over the contracted power:
8 Amps: 0.30 € per Kw.
10 Amps: 0.35 € per Kw.
15 Amps: 0.40 € per Kw.
The 6 Kw per day are accumulative. The excess Kw will be paid according to the anterior table. The excess Kw consumption will be charged according to the power (amps) that the guest has contracted for Kw consumption.
Payment for the stay enjoyed will be made during the first 5 days of the following month.
The payment for electricity must be made during the first 5 days of the month.
For long-stay guests at the Campsite who use the electricity:

the day they make the payment for the previous month we will close the electricity consumption period and charge any excess Kw consumed. Afterwards, a new consumption period is started with a new Ticket.



The method of payment is in Cash. No bank cards…
The concepts included in this Almanat Club offer cannot be interchanged with other concepts, they are the ones pointed out in the offer.
All other concepts that are not reflected in this offer will be subject to the official rates of the campsite, applying the discount that corresponds to the stay.

  • This offer is maintained until June 30th of the season
    There is no Almanat Club from the 1st of July to the 14th of September.
  • Find out about our cancellation policy if you make any bookings