1. Only dogs are allowed in the accommodations of pitches. You should ask for an authorization before making a reservation or check in (entrance registration) into a pitch with a pet or animal different to a dog:
    • In case this is possible, you will be given the conditions to fulfill, you must make the respective payment, but the entrance of the animal or pet might not be authorized, depending on the type of pet or animal you are requesting the entrance for.
  2. Dogs or other domestic animals are not allowed in our Bungalow or Mobilehome accommodations to rent in the Camping. In case of coming with animals, the entrance to the accommodation will not be possible, or if you check in without previously informing us about it, you will be expelled from the camping, and no claim or refund of the already made payment will be possible.
  3. In the accommodation of pitches where the client brings their own tent, caravan, or motorhome, the entrance with dogs is authorized, always that the clients meet the policy and conditions which are intended for that.
  4. In our campsite, dogs must be always with their owner and on a leash, they´re not allowed to be outside the rented pitches’ limits or to enter into the neighboring pitches.
  5. Dogs can stay alone in the pitches if they do not cause any nuisance to clients staying in the bordering pitches: barking, howling…. In case that they are left alone and they disturb to other clients with barks or other causes, the reason will be studied and if the problem is not solved by the owner, this could be a reason of expulsion or the client will not be allowed to return with the dog anymore.
  6. If the clients want to go for a walk with their dogs, they must go to the Camping parking or use the road of entrance to the camping, clients can never walk the dogs around the camping roads or accommodation and leisure facilities.
  7. Dogs’ excrements must be immediately removed with a plastic bag and placed into the rubbish bin. When the dog needs to do its business, it should not be done in the camping pitches or roads but in the places indicated above.
  8. Dogs are not allowed in facilities like the grass, mini-club, swimming pools, restaurant, toilets, WC…neither in those ones which are indicated with the no entrance of dogs or animals sign.
  9. Animals at the beach. Because of health standards and security reasons, the presence of any type of animal is prohibited at the beach (dogs, horses, etc.). Excepting the guide dogs or the ones used by the Security Forces. (Taken from the “NORMATIVA PARA EL BUEN USO DE LAS PLAYAS 2013”, Delegación de playas, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Vélez-Málaga)
  10. The owner of the dog that presents any disease or risk, is the one who takes all the responsibility for the animal and he/she has to take all the right measures in order to avoid that the animal, pet or dog could be dangerous to other people and animals as well as it could be dangerous for the coexistence in the Camping. If something happens, please inform about it at Reception for us to know about the problem.
    • Dangerous type dogs must be always wearing a muzzle during the stay in the camping and the management of the camping has the right of not authorizing their entrance.

Important Remarks:

  • The owner is the only responsible under any incident or problem that may happen with third parties, with their properties or with the camping staff’s materials.
  • The camping provides you with free bags for dog excrements collection at the entrance of the Camping parking.
  • The owners or responsible of the dogs must have appropriately actualized the documentation and everything required by the law and rules: passports, vaccines…
  • The reservation or entrance to the bungalows with dogs or other animals is not allowed, the entrance will not be authorized even if the client manifests that the animal will stay outside the bungalow, or inside his/her vehicle, and the camping will be exempted from any incident that this issue causes.