For security reasons, we inform our Camping clients that the parking access gate located south of the Parking, intended for accessing the beach from the parking of the camping and for accessing from the beach to the camping parking:

  • For the security of the facilities, this access gate will be closed from 12:00 p.m., or even before this time in case that the Restaurant will complete the service and closes before 12:00 p.m.

The Camping users who want to access from the camping to the beach or from the beach to the camping from 12:00 p.m. onwards:

  • Use the mobile telephone to call the Camping night concierge so he can go and open the access gate for them, parking area.
    • 609 42 57 78: Night concierge hours only: 00:00 h. to 08:00 h.
    • 952 55 64 62 / 610 48 26 15 (Reception telephone 24 hours)
  • The night concierge will ask clients to identify themselves with their accommodation number and name; he will check the details with the lists of users already registered and staying in the camping.
  • Whenever the clients get out to the beach, they can agree a certain time with the concierge on the way back in order to facilitate their late entrance to the camping.

We will keep on working for offering you a better service and more security for our clients.


On the advice of the National Police Force and the Management of the Camping:

In touristic centers, facilities and places with a high currency of people, as it may happen in our facilities of the Camping, we recommend you to have your belongings under your control and to keep them in a safe place and out of the others sight.

For a better coexistence and not to find yourselves involved in unpleasant situations regarding the loss of belongings, we ask you to:

  • Be careful and watch out for your belongings and values.
  • Do not let non-registered or non-camping people enter the camping or other accesses whenever you use the security Beach-Restaurant access.

If you notice any irregularity, or you see that there are people who have improperly entered the camping, for the common good, we ask you to inform the Camping staff as soon as possible, or you can also call to the numbers: 952 55 64 62 / 610 48 26 15 if desired, so we can quickly intervene since this will be helpful for us all.

We thank your collaboration; it is really important and needed for having a healthy and satisfactory stay in the facilities of the camping during the summer time.

Note: please remind that the camping does not take any responsibility under the incidences that may happen in this respect: lack of belongings, loss, theft…In addition, any person, who may incur a serious matter concerning any pitch or common area of the Camping, will be properly expelled from the stay and this matter could be put in the hands of the Security Forces of the State.