The Management of the Camping and the staff will do everything possible for you to enjoy your stay in the best possible way, but we ask you to read and know the following coexistence rules designed for the general good of all and taking into account the Junta de Andalucía rules for the Campings and our Internal Regulation.

  1. The Camping is totally Naturist; a familiar camping designed for the rest, holiday and stay where to freely live the nudism practice.
    • The restaurant has a nudist and a textile schedule depending on the season.
  2. The pitches cannot be used for business activities; neither to work nor perform charged services; this could imply the expulsion from the camping.
  3. The visits cannot be authorized if visitors do not meet the camping access conditions.
  4. You are not allowed to provide access to anyone to the camping facilities or to your pitch if the person has not previously check in at Reception.
    • If you provide access to people to the camping or your pitch without a previous registration at Reception, this could imply your expulsion from the camping.
  5. Please make a responsible use of the water and close the taps whenever it is necessary, the saving of water is something necessary for ecological, environmental and ethic reasons regarding the Earth and our region.
  6. The water from the fountains of the pitches is not suitable for human consumption, that is to say, it is non-drinkable water.
  7. The water which is suitable for human consumption, that is to say, drinkable water, can be taken from the specific drinking water fountains (see map).
  8. In case of emergency, fire or evacuation:
    • It is important to read the annexed document of autoprotection and evacuation.
    • It is also important to urgently inform to the camping staff.
    • Follow the map indications and/or the signs of the roads of the camping, in order to go to the emergency exits that lead to the meeting point.
  9. Pictures or recordings are NOT allowed in the Camping facilities in order to safeguard the privacy of everyone staying and working in the camping, unless the management authorizes it because of an extraordinary reason.
  10. It is NOT ALLOWED to drive more than 10Km,/h with any type of vehicle.
  11. Bicycles, electric scooters, hoverboards or similar can be used to move to a maximum speed of 10Km./h. The imprudent use of them is totally unauthorized.
  12. Do not invade the neighboring pitches neither the common areas with your belongings. Use only the hired pitch, in order to avoid later inconveniences.
  13. Vehicles should be parked inside the hired pitch, not being possible to occupy the road for the mobility of the other vehicles and for ensuring the compliance of the emergency and evacuation protocol rules.
  14. It is not allowed to park in common areas. If you decide not to park your vehicle inside your pitch, you must use the Camping parking and this will imply the payment of a supplement during the High Season months.
  15. From 12:00pm the camping gates will be closed for vehicles:
    • Driving vehicles is not allowed, being only possible to use the Camping parking in case you are coming from outside.
    • The use of the parking at midnight will be free of charge until the collection of the vehicle the following morning.
  1. If you foresee to leave before 08:00 am, please, park the vehicle in the camping parking, since it is not possible to drive or leave the accommodation before 08:00 am. and the gate will be closed.
  2. Quiet time: in the camping we place much importance to the rest and the environment; that is why we give special importance to the quite time:
    • Overnight quiet time: from 24:00 h. to 08:00 h. the silence is absolute. The meetings must take place or continue in the leisure area. External noises as the high television volume or other devices volume are not authorized.
    • In the afternoon time slot, depending on the season (it can be modified):
      • Low season: from 14:30 h. to 15:30 h.
      • High season: from 14:30 h to 16:30 h
    • In the pitches during the day and even more during the night there cannot be external noises (radio or television volume, games…). The devices’ volume may not exceed from the accommodation neither to annoy the other clients.
    • We advise you to use earphones during the quite time or low volume.
  1. If you wish to continue the evening, drinks, games and chatting after 12:00 pm. you must move to the leisure area or football field so the night harmony and the peace of the night rest will not be broken.
  2. Every person  who wants to enjoy the swimming pool must stay totally without clothing. Check the swimming pool rules in the board of the swimming pool for further information.
  3. When there is a lifeguard or security guard at the swimming pool, in order for a minor to access the pool unaccompanied by an adult, those responsible for the minor must go to reception and sign a declaration of responsibility and authorisation for the minor to access the pool without their presence, exonerating the campsite from any responsibility or incident.
  4. Any coexistence problem in the camping because of the non-compliance of the internal regulation and because of an inappropriate behavior will be studied by the Management of the Camping and, if necessary, this could lead to the final expulsion of the camping for the present stay and even for future stays.
  5. Please remind that the people responsible of the minors are the mothers, fathers, legal tutors or the person who is legally entitled to look after the child, assuming the facts that they may carry out.
  6. The payment of invoices or other services is in cash, no payments with credit cards or similar are allowed. Cash payment only.
  7. Do not hesitate in contacting Reception in case of needing help,
    • (+34) 952 55 64 62 (Camping Telephone n.)
    • (+34) 609 42 57 78 (Direct telephone n. to the Camping Night-Concierge)
  8. The Data Protection General Regulation prevents us to give your details to anyone, neither to look for you after somebody request, even if it is a direct relative. In case that someone needs to contact you, this person has to do it by using other methods and in case of emergency the person will have to contact you throughout the Security Forces.
  9. Barbecues have to take place in the leisure area. You can only cook with small barbecues of vegetable charcoal in pitches, always that they do not disturb to the other accommodations.
  10. The sewers of the Camping roads are only intended for the rainwater collection.
    1. It is forbidden to drain the dirty water, grey water from the caravan, neither the chemical WC, nor the water from washing the food…
  11. Please, we ask you to read the emergency and evacuation basic regulation, as well as to pay attention to the location where the nearest fire extinguishers are found in case of necessity or emergency.

Important Remark: You can find at Reception the Internal Regulation presented to the Regional Ministry of Tourism and Sport from Junta de Andalucía (Málaga) and approved by such authority. This regulation is the one we apply and the one that the clients have to respect.