General conditions stay/reservation of pitches

1.     Notice about Camping Almanat access conditions:

  • The Camping Almanat is a 4 stars beach camping and Naturist speciality in all its accommodations and facilities. Thus, before making a booking or come to the camping for staying, you must ask for information concerning the mandatory conditions for the access to the Camping.
  • You can see the Camping Almanat mandatory access conditions document which is available in our web site and at the camping Reception.
  • The Camping Almanat is exempted from any responsibility under the lack of knowledge of the access rules or under the lack of information by the interested party or user who wishes to enter the camping.

2.     About reservations:

  • Reservations are made choosing a concrete type of pitch at the time of the booking accomplishment. The available types are: Green Standard, Brown Standard, Blue Superior, Red Confort, and Yellow Confort Plus.
  • Long stay bookings:
    • Long stay bookings will be the ones considered as: stays or bookings with a minimum of 45 nights in Low Season (15.09 to 14.06) and stays or bookings with a minimum of 30 nights in High Season (15.06 to 14.09).
    • Clients with Long stay bookings can chose the pitch number, always upon availability at the time the reservation is made, and the number will be guaranteed. However, in case of extraordinary incidents or the camping management need, the number of the pitch could be modified.
    • For bookings in high season (15.06-14.09), if the client reserves a pitch number, the client agrees to pay the complete booked stay in case of early departure, for the fact of having a concrete number assigned in the long stay booking.
  • Short stay bookings:
    • Short stay bookings will be the ones considered as: stays or bookings under 45 nights in Low Season (15.09 to 14.06) and stays or bookings under 30 nights in High Season (15.06 to 14.09).
    • At the time a Short Stay booking is made, you can suggest the concrete pitch number or area that you wish, but this information will be only treated as a client suggestion, this suggestion will be taken into account at the time of the assignment and the adjudication of the pitch the day of the check in, whenever the occupation and availability of the camping allows it. The Camping will never have the obligation to book a specific pitch, even if it has been previously requested or suggested by the client, neither it is a right to have the requested number of pitch at the time of the client’s arrival.
    • The assignment of a pitch number will be done at the time of your arrival to the camping. This number can change upon the availability and could not match the one requested in your booking.
    • The clients can chose between the available pitches, according to the camping’s instructions, at their arrival. The available pitches are the ones which are not blocked by the camping or management, as well as the ones which are not expecting a Long Stay booking.
    • If the client wants to extend the booking or stay in the camping and there is a confirmed Long Stay booking coming, the client must chose a different number of pitch so the pitch is guaranteed for the Long Stay booking.

3.     Confirmation of a pitch booking:

  • To confirm a pitch booking you must make a down payment before 24 hours.
  • For Short Stay bookings the payment is of the total in case the stay costs less that 50,00€, or 50,00€ in case of reservations with a 50,00€ invoicing or superior.
  • For Long Stay bookings, the payment in advance for the confirmation of the reservation is 100,00 €.
  • The payment in advance will be done by credit card face to face at Reception or via telephone, or by bank transfer. If you make a bank transfer you should send the bank receipt by email for the confirmation of your booking, since the arrival of the money to the account may take up to 48 hours, otherwise if your transfer or transfer receipt does not arrive within the indicated 24 hours the camping can automatically cancel your reservation without previous notification and the client will not have the right to claim for the non confirmed booking.

4.     Cancellation Policy:

  • If the cancellation is made within 30 days of your arrival depending on the day of arrival, you will be refunded with the 90% of your already paid deposit.
  • If the cancellation is made between 30 and 15 days (both included) before the arrival depending on the day of arrival, you will be refunded with the 50% of your already paid deposit.
  • If the cancellation is made between the last 15 and 0 days before arrival depending on the day of arrival, you will not be entitled to any refund.
  • Bank expenses or any other expenses that the cancellation may cause will be deducted from the amount to refund, the minimum fees for the cancellation process will be of 5,00€, regardless the cost that this bank process or another may imply.
  • The cancellation is non-transferable and personal, that is why the cancellation has to be made by the same person who reserved: face to face at Reception or by email.
  • For loyalty policy, our clients can opt to receive the 100% of the amount previously paid (minus management expenses if there are some) in a camping voucher document.
    • This voucher has an expiry date of 1 year.
    • The voucher is personal and non-transferrable so it cannot be used by a different person from the titular of this document.
    • Moreover, in case of lost, the camping will not take any responsibility under a new delivery of this document.
    • The delivery of this document by the client is mandatory for having the reduction of the amount of the voucher/bonus.
  • In case of not showing and the lack of knowledge at Reception about your delay, the Camping commits to reserve the stay a number of nights similar to the already given deposit.
  • Reservations that are found without confirmation with a down payment, because of an extraordinary reason, and are delayed after 18:00 h., can be cancelled, without notice, and no compensation claim will be accepted, because the deposit was unpaid. Thus, clients must call in advance to confirm the booking if they consider that their arrival will be after 18:00 h.

5.     Number of people allowed into the pitch:

  • In pitches Green-Standard type, Brown – Standard, Blue – Superior, Red – Confort and Yellow- Confort Plus, 4 people maximum authorized for the stay.
  • In pitches Orange- Basic type, with a smaller size than the other types, 2 people maximum authorized for the stay.
  • For first degree relatives and numerous families, 2 more people could be authorized in the pitch.
  • Double accommodations, tent, caravan…are only authorized in case of being intended for first degree relatives.

6.     Orange-type pitch:

  • These pitches are the only ones of the camping that cannot be reserved in advance, unless the Management of the camping considers the opposite, because of extraordinary reasons or for Long Stay bookings of loyal clients who know the size of the pitches and give their approval.
  • You can have the vehicle inside the pitch if it stays inside the limits of the pitch, otherwise you can take it to the camping Parking (already included in the price during the different seasons of the year)

7.     Timetables:

  • The official time for the entrance to the accommodations is from 12:00 h.
  • The last day of your stay the pitch must be left free before 12:00 h.
  • If your departure exceeds the 12:00 h the day of your leaving and you have not adhere to the afternoon stay offer before 12:00 h. you will be charged with an extra night in the invoicing of the camping stay.
  • The maximum time of entry to the pitches is 23:00 h. With the exception of special cases always authorized by the management of the camping and with access conditions, avoiding as far as possible the noise of the installation.

8.     Afternoon stay offer:

  • This offer is available for the day of your leaving and allows you to delay your check out up to 20:00 h maximum.
  • Please ask at the camping Reception about the cost and the conditions.
  • This offer is a possibility provided to our clients having always into account that the possibility to engage to this offer will depend on the availability and the camping occupation.
  • This offer has to be confirmed and paid before 12:00 h. Otherwise, after 12:00 h., you will be charged with an extra night.

9.     Supplements:

  • Electricity Supplement:
    • There are rates that have this concept included in the cost and other rates that do not have it so the electricity can be hired according to the client preferences.
    • The electricity supplement has a cost of 4.90€ per day/night, included VAT. This price includes electricity of 8 Amps/6 Kw per day of stay.
    • The KWs per day are cumulative (one month of accumulation maximum for clients with a Long Stay). Every month of stay, we have to shut the counter down and register it again.
    • You can have more information and you can also know the different rates concerning the KWs at the camping Reception.
  • Supplement for the use of the Parking:
    • In high season, from 15.06 to 14.09, the cost of the Parking is 3.00€ per day and per vehicle, Included VAT.
    • In low season, from 15.09 to 14.06, the parking is free of charge for the first vehicle of the clients staying in the camping.
    • In case that your vehicle does not fit inside the limits of your pitch you must park it in the Parking and pay for the fixed price.
    • Long Stay clients have the Parking of 1 vehicle included in the price of their stay during the different seasons of the year.
  • The concepts included in the rate are not interchangeable by others. The fact of not being using concepts which are included in the rate, does not give you the right to change them for other extra concept of the stay.
  • The concepts which are not included in the rate will be paid according to the official Base rate.
  • The client is fully and exclusively responsible of making the right declaration of every concept to occupy the pitch at the time of the reservation, including the number of people of whatever age. We warn you that the Reception can legally refuse to admit the entrance to any concept that has not been previously declared or evict it when applicable and no possible claim will be accepted because of this issue.

10.About payments:

  • The payments at the Reception of the camping can be only made in cash.
  • The pitches, according to the tourism legislation can be charged in full from the moment of the reservation. Normally, loyal customers can pay the day of the check out or the day before.
  • For stays with accommodations as tents or camper vans, the full payment can be required at the time of the check in.
  • Authorized and registered visits must be paid before the check in. Visits must meet the same access conditions as the clients who make a reservation or stay.
  • The number of bank transfer for the payment of the reservations or advance payments is:


IBAN + Account  number: ES03 3058 0794 3927 2001 0279    /      Holder: D.L. Torrealta S.L.
Address: C/ Antonio Márquez Robles, 4.   29749 Almayate (Málaga)
BIC/SWIFT: CCRIES2AXXX  (the three << x >> are optional)

11. About pets:

  • The stays with dogs in pitches are authorized, always providing that the following internal regulations and the conditions that exist for them are met.
  • Ask at the Reception of the camping about the internal regulation concerning pets or visit our website.
  • Please ask about the authorization of other domestic animals before bringing them.