Important: According to the Security Corps of the State, every person aged over 16 that wants to enter or check in for visiting or staying in the camping, must obligatory present the Passport, current Passport. Otherwise, there will not be possible your check in, visit, or overnight stay in the camping’s facilities.

  1. New clients or not Club Almanat members, that reserve or want to stay for the first time in the camping, must present a current naturist card issued by national or international association or federations, recognized and approved by the Camping Almanat.
    • Similarly, if any of the companions is not family or couple of the titular and does not present the naturist card approved by the INF and stamped with the current year stamp, will not have the possibility of accessing the camping even if the booking has been previously made.
    • Actually authorized associations by Camping Almanat:
      • INF (International Naturist Federation and its approved associations)
      • AANUMA
  1. Clients who wish to enjoy a stay in individual basis will be required to present a Naturist card stamped and actualized by one of the naturist associations or federations approved by the camping (see previous list).
  2. If you are not in possession of this Naturist Card and you are coming with your family or your couple, please ask at the Reception for information concerning the document “naturist declaration” of the camping for families and couples.
  3. Access to minors to the naturist camping. In case of being son or daughter of the titular of the stay, the ones under 18 could be required to present any document that confirms the degree of kinship.
    • In case of being 14 or over 14 years old the user must present the Passport to check in.
    • Minors under 14 need to present any document that shows his/her identity as well as the person who is in charge of he/she, parents or legal tutor.
    • If the minor is a companion who does not belong to the family in first degree of kinship (son, daughter, grandchildren), you should previously ask at the Reception about the obligatory documents to present:
      • Authorization and a photocopy of the current passport of the father, mother or legal tutor.
  1. All the types of Bungalows: Standard, Plus, Superior, Confort and Costa Confort are not adapted for people with reduced mobility, in a wheelchair or similar.

The Camping will not be held liable for the impossibility of checking in because of not presenting the documents or authorizations that are required for the check in and entrance to the accommodations and facilities.