Club Almanat


10% of discount in Mobile homes (non-compatible with other offers):

In Low and Mid season, up to the 30th of June (30.06).

Club Almanat


Promotional rate in Low and Mid season, up to the 30th of June (30.06).


Club Almanat Conditions

The camping Almanat, thanks to the high percentage of its clients’ loyalty, offers the possibility of joining the “CLUB ALMANAT” since some years ago.

How and who can join the Club Almanat?

  • Every person who is already client of the club Almanat, that is, people who meet our access conditions and are already registered in our data base.
  • Once you are already client of the Camping Almanat you must:
    • Fill the form, in which you give your authorization for the enrollment in the Club Almanat, meeting the general regulation of data protection.
    • To include a personal and individual facial photo in the Club Almanat membership application.
  • A compulsory requirement to join the Club Almanat is to write in your membership application an active email where you will receive emails with promotions, offers and information.
    • With your application into the Club Almanat you authorize to the Camping to register and use your details, with the own purposes of the camping regarding management, information, marketing, offers…
    • If you change or remove you email you must inform the camping, because you could lose you membership condition for this reason as well as lose all the benefits accumulated until now.
  • Belonging to the club does not imply meetings, neither additional cost.

What does the Club Almanat offer?

  • You will obtain points for every euro entered in the invoice of your stay in the camping.
  • In Low season and up to the 30th of June of every year:
  • Bookings and stays in the camping pitches have their own offer rate.
  • Bookings and stays in Bungalows enjoy a 10% of discount on the official rate.
  • Special discounts for long Stays.
  • The offers and discounts are non-cumulative to other discounts or offers.

Points program:

  1. When paying for your stay, the Euros of the invoice turn into Points. Every time that you pay for your stay, you must ask at Reception after the payment to have your points collected into your account of the Club Almanat points program.
  2. Every time that you get 500 points in your Club Almanat account, you can exchange them so you can have a discount in the payment of your stay.
  3. The discount for the exchange of points must be done before the payment of the stay.
  4. The exchange of the points will be always done in amounts of 500 and 1000 points.
  5. The amount of the invoice of the stay should be the same or superior to the discount you can get with your collected points.
  6. The points are only available for discounts of stays in Pitches and Bungalows, and it will not be possible to exchange them for the payment of visits or other concepts.
  7. The points program requires having an email for the registration, the collection of points and for the benefit of the exchange of points by Euros in your invoice.

The Management of the Camping gives itself the right to modify the conditions, characteristics and the application modality of the Club Almanat without previously notifying directly and personally to every Club member.

The client of the Club Almanat is the one who must pay attention to the changes, offers or information which will be updated or offered.

Under no circumstances, the lack of knowledge or not getting the information will be reason for neither complains nor to have the right to take advantage from benefits, prices… in non-indicated or non-offered dates.